Magnolia's Innovation

Magnolia has developed a number of revolutionary new thin film solar cell technologies that employ nanostructured materials and designs. Magnolia's transformational approach to thin film solar cells is based upon breakthrough discoveries in nanostructured solar cell designs and optical coatings engineering.

Magnolia has developed anti-reflective coatings that are far superior to what is being used in the industry today. Most solar cells suffer from a reduction of efficiency due to reflection of some of the incident sun light away from the solar cell. The energy in the reflected light is not converted to electric power and the loss of this power affects the efficiency of the cell. Our anti-reflection technology reduces the loss of power due to reflection of negligible levels, thereby allowing more sun light to be absorbed for a higher efficiency.

The engineering employed in our technology is designed to increase the photovoltaic operating voltage while capturing a larger part of the solar spectrum, and the unique nanostructure-based optical coatings to minimize reflection losses which enhances the light trapping within the photovoltaic devices. Our design uses nanostructure to horizontally scatter light that enters the cell to substantially increase the travel path of the light. This innovation addresses another shortcoming of the traditional solar cells where the travel path, particularly in thin-film solar cells, is small and therefore all the energy that enters the cell is not converted to electric power.

With this approach, Magnolia is aiming to dramatically enhance the power-generating capability of photovoltaic systems by developing low cost, thin film technology that delivers unprecedented levels of electrical energy per unit area. Magnolia has filed several patent applications for its revolutionary photovoltaic solar cell device designs and methods of manufacturing. The technologies related to these patent filings address the fundamental performance limitations in existing thin film solar cells. These technologies result in higher solar electric conversion efficiency by increasing both the voltage and current output of thin film solar cells


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